Are you looking for new ways to attract clients to your auto mechanic business or dealership repair shop?

Do you want to prevent current clients from leaving and going to your competitors?

Inertion could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are four ways offering inertion can improve your bottom-line business results.

Inertion is a key differentiator.

More than any time in history, auto technology is improving at a rapid pace. New safety, field efficiency, performance, gps and communication features are added all the time.

Drivers of these advanced vehicles expect the people and shops they deal with to be cutting-edge, as well. Inertion is a service you can offer that will help differentiate your shop as one that stays ahead of the curve and is able to meet their expectations.

Increase business.

According to a recent study, almost 75 percent of people are willing to put their money behind what they believe it when it comes to protecting the environment. That means that three out of every four people would be interested in inertion, a way to fill their tires that is better and safer for the environment.

Inertion replaces dirty, corrosive and inefficient compressed air with nitrogen inside tires. It’s likely that when you introduce it to current clients and new customers who care about the planet, they’ll want to pay extra for this enhanced level of service. You’ll also build customer loyalty because they’ll know you care about the same things they do.

Keep your current clients.

Inertion will help you attract and retain clients. It also prevents losing them to competitors who offer the service. While inertion is a relatively new offering, its catching on quickly in many places. Don’t take the chance of losing business to mechanics who are already providing it.

Be more competitive.

Inertion can help make your business more competitive. As a new offering, it gives you something new to advertise and communicate. It’s a fresh way to market your business. You can also bundle it with other higher-tech and environmentally-friendly services to drive new business.

Learn how easy it is to add inertion to the services you offer.

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Success story.

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